i missed you internet

I’m delighted to be back at work, but once I’ve had my fill of internet and Diet Coke, I’ll wish I was at home again.

As annoying as it was, not having internet over the weekend was probably a good thing. There was nothing for us to DO except unpack and arrange the new house, so we got a lot done – I’d say there are less than 10 boxes left to deal with, and most of those are waiting for new furniture. We are exhausted but highly productive. Internet should be installed tonight, and before long we will be back to our regular routine of living our lives online.


But! The new place is AWESOME. I love it, and I can’t wait until it’s fully set up. Our new couch and loveseat were delivered yesterday afternoon, and it’s starting to look like a house. The cats are adjusting admirably – Friday night was traumatic, but they all made the trip over relatively unscathed. Two of the three scooters were moved over on Saturday before the rain hit, and almost everything is out of the old place – another carload ought to cover it, and we’re done. DONE! Except for the cleaning, that is. I should probably book some cleaners. I want our full damage deposit back; I have grand plans for that money.

So much tired. I wish I had taken today off – we need groceries in a terrible, terrible way. If I wait any longer, we’re going to be eating Relish Soup for Christmas breakfast.

NEW HOME WHEE! I had a bath last night in my very own bathroom for the first time ever, and if I hadn’t started to get all wrinkly and gross I might have never gotten out. The tub in both the bathrooms is HUGE – I can stretch out all the way and not have to squish. They’re deep, too. It kind of takes forever to fill out – our faucets were purchased from the wussy side of the store – but once you’re in, it’s glorious. I love me a good hot bath, so I am ultra excited that the tub is so amazing.

Who wants to go to Ikea with me?!

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