merry times and almost crime

I’m housesitting at Reilly and Miranda’s for the time being, as a nasty enterprising crackhead thought to smash in one of their windows in the hopes of stealing a computer or seven. Nothing was taken and the window didn’t actually give, but they had a shoot this afternoon and someone had to babysit the hole as it’s being repaired. I have a good setup here – my choice of terribly fancy computers, a fridge that makes ice cubes at the press of a button, and a steady supply of Diet Coke. Also, I have Reilly’s Visa. This can only be an afternoon of awesome.

My brain is in a pleasant holiday fog – I have no idea what day it is, and I don’t feel any kind of pressing urge to fix this any time soon. While I do have to work next week, I’m working from home – I have a great deal of editing to do – and therefore I don’t have to worry about pants until we’re well into January.

Christmas Eve/Day went by in a flurry of food and friends, just as we planned. We spent Christmas Eve at Josh and Shan’s place on the mountain, and enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner with all the trimmings. It was a great evening, and we ate ourselves immobile – surely the sign of a successful dinner party.

I arose bright and early on Christmas morning and began to prepare a feast for the ages. I made apple pancakes and enough bacon – three 1lb packages AND a kilo of bacon ends – to choke a horse and/or sate Barry, and mimosas were enjoyed all around. This is where I must pause to marvel at the brilliance of a modern kitchen – I cooked a huge breakfast for 9 people, and was completely cleaned up before everyone dispersed for the afternoon. HAH! I can even run the TV and microwave at the same time! This is AMAZING! I want to have sex with my dishwasher!

Everyone headed home for a Christmas nap before dinner in Gastown, and I was no exception. Ed surprised me with a stocking full of my favourite things – blind box toys from Voltage – and I had a delicious (if unintentional) nap until it was time to get up and mash a dozen potatoes for Christmas dinner.

Dinner at Miranda and Reilly’s was a much bigger affair that the two previous meals, but it was fabulous all the same. Friends abound, so very much food, and flowing wine until the wee hours – pretty much the best way to spend a Christmas EVER.

Ed was in dire need of some down time, so I left him at home on Boxing Day and headed out to see what was happening. I have no need of visiting the high traffic stores on the 26th – I traditionally do all my post-Christmas electronic shopping on Christmas Eve when the Future Shop sale starts, and this year was no exception (helloooo 1.5TB hard drive and new iPhone charger/transmitter for the Mazdabator) – but I do have my own favourite places to shop on Shopping Day. I made a trip down to Main Street and stopped at Voltage to take advantage of their sale, and came away with a cute Gama-Go hoodie for $30 (much better than the original $112 sticker) and an assortment of more blind box toys. As much as I love Ed’s stocking presents, it always leads to MORE – I don’t get to go to Voltage often because I have bills to pay, so the after-Christmas sale is an excuse for me to go mildly crazy with bizarre toy fun.

After Voltage, it only made sense to go to Bodacious across the street to see what they had on sale. I walked away with a very cute bright red linen swing jacket for spring, and an elegant bamboo cardigan with big buttons (which I will undoubtedly un-elegant the instant I pair it with a shell cut down to my nipples). I normally feel guilty about shopping after Christmas, but this year there was none of that – we didn’t DO gifts, so I didn’t spend hundreds on others or receive the same; ergo I am allowed – nay, REQUIRED – to boost the economy and have a little fun at the same time.

My last stop for the afternoon was at Urban Barn. We had a gift certificate, and I wanted to see if they had any crazy sales going on that I could take advantage of. Turns out they did, and on Thursday I will be picking up a pair of fancy new bar stools for our kitchen counter. I also got a few decorations for the house, including a mirror that makes no sense and a laundry basket that doesn’t suck for our bedroom.

It’s been a productive few days. Today Ed and I will be going to the old place to pick up the last few things and bring Oscar to the new place, then finishing the last bits of set up. I need to wire my laptop because my wireless is flaky, there are pictures to hang, and I am fairly certain a glorious bath is somewhere in my near future.

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over. It’s been a seriously crazy one, and the last few months have been a roller coaster of both thrills AND spills. In some ways, it feels as though December passed as one great big party – so much time spent with awesome people, and a new home on top of it all. We are lucky folks.

The new window is installed and I’m free to go – The Loft is safe from enterprising hobos once more, and I’ve eaten an ice cream sandwich. It’s glorious outside, so I’ll get Oscar while the weather holds. Four vehicles in two parking spots? It’s the only way to fly.

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