feeling guilty

I would be very bad at being rich enough to have people who do things for me.

We hired cleaners to take care of our old apartment, because we really are that lazy and honestly don’t care enough to do a very good job. Our landlord is notoriously cheap, and keeps warning us “he’s expensive” if we leave any corner unswept – I’d just rather not give him any excuse to hold back our damage deposits, because that money has been earmarked for ale and whores to ring in the new year.

Back to the cleaners, though – I feel terrible that they’re cleaning up after me! Yes I’m paying them and they’re charging a good deal per hour more than I make, but still – I am a horrible entitled person for letting lovely girls deal with my unspeakable messes. I feel like I should be there with them, elbow deep in suds and crusty fridge leavings. There is much guilt. I could never deal with having cleaners in on a regular basis, no matter how enticing that sounds.

There’s a new camera app on iTunes called Hipstamatic that I’ve been playing with for the last couple days. It’s really kind of cool – allows you to choose your lens, flash and film – and the pictures come out with some awesome effects. Camera Bag is still by far my favourite camera app, but this one is really fun. I used it to take pictures of some of my Christmas Blind Box Loot:

all my toys are scary

all my toys are scary

it's like looking out the window

Check out the app’s manual for more info. It is neat. And yes, I totally clicked on the app in the first place because it called to my inner hipster. I am too cool for school.


4 thoughts on “feeling guilty

  1. If the cleaners are charging you more than you make per hour, why are you feeling guilty? Besides, the dirtier you are, the longer it takes them and the more money they make. In essence, you should feel guilty for not being messier, or something.

    I need to find a good cleaner in Kelowna. Or a dishwashing machine; either way I just can’t do all the necessary washing of stuff by hand.

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