Someone got hit by a car in the intersection right outside my house this morning. It sucked. I don’t think it was fatal – I saw the victim moving her arms while talking to ambulance folk – but it’s still scary to see someone lying on the ground in obvious distress. She wasn’t jaywalking but at the crosswalk, and was hit by a van turning left onto Hastings from a side street.

I am sorry – this is one of the tackiest things I’ve ever said – but she was hit by a van that said “DISASTERS HAPPEN” in huge letters across the side, and that is almost funny. It’s something that would happen to me, and I would delight in the irony.

I do hope she is okay, even if I am a horrible person.

One thought on “accident

  1. That’s two in two blocks in two weeks.

    A pedestrian was killed at Hastings & Kootenay (Kootenay Loop) in the 1st week of January.

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