drum roll please

.. Fox and Lola (the person, not my scooter), front and center!

You are the winners of the Delicious Juice Dot Mitten contest, and will be the delighted (I hope) recipient of a pair of the coveted Vancouver 2010 Olympic Red Mittens and a set of Delicious Juice Dot Com pins!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and if you didn’t win don’t worry – I’ll be drawing for 3 sets of pins (two Apple Store sets and one PETA Olympic Shame) and a random mascot toy later this week (so you should go enter the draw, if you haven’t already).

I’m having so much fun during these Games – more than I ever thought – that I’m tickled a quite literal pink to be able to share even this tiny piece with my internets. Yay!

And now, for no reason whatsoever, here are some large fish!

koi koi koi!

3 thoughts on “drum roll please

  1. OH YIPPEE!!!! I have had the targanian deathflu for the last four days and this is the most awesome surprise EVER!!!!

    Oh I do the happy dance of JOY! (What the hell was the name of that show anyway?)

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