pins for (almost) everyone

For some reason I was convinced that Wednesday was the 23rd, not Tuesday – even though I specifically said multiple times that I’d draw the pin winners on Tuesday the 23rd. I am not so smart. Cute as all hell, but definitely not smart.

So! Without further ado, here are the winners of the Delicious Juice Dot Com Pin and Toy Giveaway:

  • Calgary Ed gets the PETA pin and a ski jumping Quatchi
  • Saxfire gets an Apple pin set and a snowboarding Miga
  • Lisa S gets an Apple pin set and an alpine skiing Sumi

.. I feel bad for being late with the draw (even though I’m fairly certain no one cares), so I’ll go two further:

  • Jenmen gets a Delicious Juice Dot Com pin set and the Yahoo! “I’m a Fan” Olympic pin
  • and so does Michelle M!

I will email all the winners to collect contact information, and get your prizes sent out this week!

Hooray for free stuff! Thanks for playing along!

oh dear.

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