it was a ray gun and it was 1981


Well, not yet. More specifically: BUTTON MAKER!

I received a bonus at work last week, and had to make a decision – do I put the money towards an iMac, or buy a button maker? I went back and forth on this and asked everyone I knew for advice before deciding on the button maker. The former option would certainly be more exciting, but would require me to spend an extra $1000 – whereas the latter was still exciting, but would allow me to pay down some debt and fill my house with jars upon jars of buttons.

Also, maybe I will get a tax return and then I can get an iMac anyway.

I searched eBay until I found the perfect item – a button maker, a circle cutter, and 1000 supplies for a decent price. It arrived today, and now I am armed with everything I need to make many, many buttons. Hooray! And just in case 1000 wasn’t enough, I also purchased an additional 1000 supplies – 2000 buttons! YAY!

Since I can’t really WEAR 2000 buttons, I will have to come up with fun things to do with them. I believe I will make Delicious Juice Dot Com Button Sets available, and do themed sets – admit it; you’ve always wanted goatse on your lapel – mostly for fun and maybe a little for profit. I’ll make some insufferable announcements when things are available for the purchasing!

The button maker comes just in time, too – Miranda and I will be attending the Museum of Vancouver’s showing of Handmade Nation on March 19th, and participating in the mini-Got Craft fair there. I can make buttons to sell along with my remaining Purl Necklaces stock, and whatever I can whip up between now and then. I’ve been experimenting with the shiny things I’ve been getting in the mail, and made this last night:

i swear it's prettier in person - i don't have good lighting at my desk

I’ve been fascinated with gem clusters lately, and figured that making my own was cheaper than buying them by the dozen. I don’t know if anyone will think they’re pretty beyond me, but it can’t hurt to try. I’ll be selling whatever I make (assuming I can part with my lovely shiny things) for ridiculous prices, because I feel bad when people give me money. I am the worst entrepreneur *ever*.

All the fun is in the creation, though. Making stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to go home so I can destroy our living room with craft stuff everywhere! Buttons and jewels for everyone, hooray!

3 thoughts on “it was a ray gun and it was 1981

  1. Any chance you can make button versions of the nerd merit badges? They won’t be as cool, but they could be kimli themed!

    • I wouldn’t want to make THEIR badges – that would be mean and I can’t compete with the Nerd Badge Awesome – but I could do a set of DJDC badge buttons :) Um .. anyone know anyone good with designing stuff? I am No Good at Art!

  2. That gem cluster looks great. I would certainly buy one. I get a kick out of your porn buttons as well. Not sure I’d wear one though, but they’d make great little gag gifts for friends.

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