go outside already

I have a boner for crime and crafts!

The Vancouver Police Museum is offering a series of Forensic Workshops for adults, and I am SO GOING. The sessions are $12 per person, and held on Tuesday nights starting on March 16th. The topics announced so far are:

Forensic Pathology: How autopsies are performed and how information can be gathered from a body to determine cause of death or solve a crime

Blood Splatter: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (with experiments!)

Ballistics: Analysis of bullets, impacts, and trajectories

There are two sessions each Tuesday night, one at 6:30 and one at 8. I’ve bought tickets for Ed and I for next Tuesday’s early session, and I am so excited! I LOVE forensics, and have been known to use my extensive crime-causing skills to try to solve the crime that I inevitably had a hand in. Tickets are available online only – go get yours now, as the sessions will fill up quickly!

If dead bodies and arterial spray aren’t your bag, consider an evening at the Museum of Vancouver. Their DIY Night was wildly popular, and they’re doing it again on April 9th. Tickets are available online or at the door, but if you’re determined to go I suggest you snap your ticket up early and don’t decide to wander in late like Miranda and I did last time – we barely got our hands on crafting supplies; such was the demand. I’ve already bought my ticket – see you there!

If that’s too far away for your liking, the MOV will be showing Handmade Nation on Friday March 19th at 7pm. Got Craft is doing a mini craft fair, and Miranda and I will be on hand selling our various fabulous/filthy things. It should be a blast!

There are a lot of awesome things going on in this city – why not get outside and experience some of them? There’s a time and place for sitting on your ass and watching TV night after night, and it comes when you’re in your 80’s. Support local fun before it’s too late!

3 thoughts on “go outside already

  1. i was so bummed that i can’t make it to the class on the 16th. (something about the opera…) but i signed on for the last 2 classes! blood spatter and ballistics! yay!

  2. Damn! I’m going to the late Forensic Pathology session on Tuesday! Maybe I’ll finally get to meet the Kimli in the lobby on our passage in and out.

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