nice relaxing monday

After a thoroughly scandalous end to my incredibly busy and diverse week, I am exhausted and looking forward to this week’s relatively low-key social calendar (in that I am currently only booked for 3 days of activity; not 5).

I spent Friday evening at the Museum of Vancouver, selling Smuttons. They were a surprise hit, and I sold several sets – but the best part of all was people’s reactions when they opened the lid of the Smutton Vault. Hilarity! The Vault will be back on display at the MOV on April 9th for DIY Night, and it’ll be restocked with so much more smut. Get your tickets for DIY night NOW, as it’ll likely sell out quickly – last time was a blast!

Doug, Ali and River were in town this weekend! They spent Friday night visiting with Ed at Sparta, and on Saturday afternoon we went for lunch and wandered around downtown. River was fascinated by the Robson Square ice rink, and not at all scared of the furries on the ice (two adults dressed as a wolf and a fox, skating around and posing for pictures – don’t know what they represented, but they were creepy). After some fun (including watching River play Toddler Hockey), Doug took her back to the hotel for a nap while Ed, Ali and I roamed Pacific Center for new shoes and glitter. We parted ways after coffee and chat at Caffe Artigiano to allow Ali some rest and dinner with her family, and Ed and I went to collect our Party Gear and head to Railtown.

Miranda’s 30th birthday party was a smashing success. People took the fancy dress theme to heart, and there were some incredible outfits and fanciness galore. River charmed the room in her Tinkerbell costume, and my boobs were eyed with amusement and disdain by many. Mission accomplished – I got away without wearing a shirt in public; Miranda knows she is loved, and we rang her 30th year on this earth in with many bangs by way of a unicorn piñata filled with party poppers and candy. I don’t envy the job her cleaners have ahead of them this morning, but it was a spectacular party (the photographic evidence of which can be seen here).

We enjoyed brunch on Sunday at the Alibi Room with our Seattle friends before they were to head back to the US, then came home – my sole goal for Sunday was to sleep, and I did exactly that. Also, laundry. But mostly sleep. I had a lot of catching up to do.

If I keep throwing myself chest-first into terrifying, hilarious situations, no one is going to believe that I truly do have a social anxiety disorder.

In other news, I may be on CBC later today. Stay tuned!

ey oh ey oh ey oh what's going on here

saucy maidens

river, derek, airdrie and catherine - my favourite pic of the night

i love these guys. yunn and barry are my favourite!

3 thoughts on “nice relaxing monday

  1. Is it wrong that I think he wears that dress incredibly well? It’s just the right colour for his skintone, the size is just right, the shape perfect for his body style… A TEN!

    (Plus, Asian chick in a suit? Extra hot.)

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