i am a whiny brat

My panties are in a knot for the following reasons:

  • I am trying to design some new business cards so I will have them in time for Northern Voice, but my creative juices are as dry as my mouth
  • Dry mouth
  • Massive sewer line construction going on outside my building
  • .. until September
  • Interference of a mysterious nature has caused both sets of computer speakers to transmit nothing but feedback
  • I have to use a wired keyboard because the abovementioned interference is killing my wireless keyboard signal
  • Ed is going to a wedding in May that completely fucks up my vacation plans:
    • I don’t WANT to go in June; I love vacationing in May
    • Most places still offer off-season pricing in May, so looking to book for June means more money
  • I’m hungry
  • WAH
  • harumph.

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