give me ten ccs of fancy, stat

Oh, Murphy – you and your law are so hilarious!

I am very good at not following through on my own bets with myself (unless made when I was 12 years old – see scooters and Autobot tattoo for reference). It was very noble of me to attempt to wear a dress for five days straight, but I woke up late this morning and had to pry myself out of bed with a crowbar and a full bladder so I made a beeline for my jeans when I stepped out of the shower and called it good.

Naturally, I’ve just been invited to attend an event immediately after work for which I am drastically underdressed. I’m not just underdressed, even – I’m kind of a sloppy wreck. I need to change. I did some fast talking with my boss, so I’ll be leaving here at 3pm to do a quick tour of the North Shore to get cat food before going home for a whirlwind costume and vehicle change then to Yaletown for 5. Phew!

I don’t know if I’m to keep things on the DL just yet, so you’ll have to forgive my vagueness for a while longer. I promise to post a full recap tomorrow – things will be tying together around the city in a most delicious way, and I will share the fun as best I can!

My Upcoming Fun calendar to the right is woefully out of date. I’m not at the point of “having too much fun to write about it” just yet – I don’t know that I’d ever get there; such is my commitment to words – but it seems like awesome things happen on an almost daily basis, and I can’t keep the calendar up to speed. If that’s the only thing that drops in accuracy due to my hilarious and awesome social life, I will consider myself a very fortunate duck indeed.

Last night Miranda hosted a get together for Vancouver’s small business wimmenz, and it was awesome. Ladies who do all sorts of lovely creative things (and me) drinking wine (and Diet Coke) and eating delicious things, meeting each other and making connections (and hiding in the corner talking about video games). I wasn’t planning on staying the whole evening due to my headache, but I didn’t leave until after 10:30 because I was having so much fun talking with Kim, Miranda, Monica and Catherine. I know, I know – I was supposed to network and meet new people, but a) not very many people have a need for smut and words, which is all I peddle; b) my peeps are frickin’ awesome and I love talking to them, and c) my social anxiety means I’m terrified of people I don’t know, even if they’re in a place I spend almost as much time in as my own home. Still, it was good fun and other people really loved it – almost every person who came up to Miranda when leaving asked if she could do it again because it was so great. Miranda also had a friggin’ ingenious idea to share everyone’s contact information, the end result of which will be online soon. Whee!

Reilly was the only man in the entire joint last night, except for the hour when Chris stopped by. He dropped off some police tape I need for Saturday’s photo shoot, and there was much talking and planning for future events. I’m officially on the planning committee for a top secret invite only showing at the VPM, which I cannot WAIT for. Also, the Sins of the City walking tours start up again next month and I’m thinking about arranging one for my birthday. We shall see, but it looks like the Year of Awesome is not slowing down in any way – if anything, it’s picking up speed and that is just delicious.

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