full of stars

First there was CameraBag. Shortly after, QuadCam. Recently, it’s been Hipstamatic. And now .. PhotoTropedelic, I think I love you:


For the record, I made several naked pictures of Ed – yes, THOSE pictures – all fancy, but even with the effects they were a little too graphic to post. Sorry.

New favourite app!

Actually, I should totally post the wang pictures anyway. Who’s with me?

6 Responses to “full of stars”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I am all for photos of any and all wang.

  2. gillian Says:

    Do you really have to ask?


  3. ariane c Says:

    I cannot WAIT till the new 4GS iPhones are announced and shipped (I’m long overdue for an iPhone). These iPhone photo manipulation apps are too much fun! Thanks for sharing…

  4. Derek K. Miller Says:

    I didn’t even finish reading this post before I went and bought the app. Oh yeah.

  5. playing favourites « delicious juice dot app blast Says:

    […] OR create a new image entirely made of text. I’d already written about the first one on the other blog, but TypeDrawing is really cool too especially if you’re a fan of […]

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