nothing is certain but laundry and taxes

I don’t know why, but I had the *filthiest* dreams last night. They all took place in Victoria, and involved uncut deep throat sword fighting in a parking lot and furious sex with casual crushes. It was pretty fun, from what I remember. Sex with no strings attached is significantly better than my standard of many strings with no sex at all, parking lot or otherwise.

I got a brow wax at noon, and I have a haircut scheduled for later this afternoon. I need to look good for my plans this evening: laundry and taxes. I OWE taxes for the first time ever, so I’m subtly thumbing my nose at the government by waiting until the last possible minute to file. Take that! Yeah, you fear my power.

The Hour is coming to Vancouver, and that means George will be here. George is everyone’s boyfriend (funny aside: I was planning on calling him that because EVERYONE I know has a crush on him, only to find that he’s actually listed as “Canada’s Boyfriend” on his CBC bio), and the locals have been abuzz with anticipation and wet dreams. I entered the lottery for tickets yesterday, and today found out that I got the four tickets I had requested. On May 18th, Shan, Miranda, Renee and I will be in the audience for the first of two shows taping in Vancouver. Hooray! George is super and dreamy!

Tomorrow I am planning on wearing polka dots with pinstripes. Sorry.

i am nothing but wrinkles and eyeliner

5 thoughts on “nothing is certain but laundry and taxes

  1. ooh. where do you get your eyebrows done? they look good!

    …much better than the standard hackjob I usually do on myself. which reminds me: I’m due for a hackjob… gah, stupid caterpillar eyebrows.

    • She did a REALLY good job – I was thrilled! I went to a place in Bentall 1, right next to my office. Walked by a thousand times but never went in; finally did because I was desperate and shaggy. With tax it came to $12.60, which floored me – I tipped her like 8 bucks :)

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