it caught on in a flash

Waking up to The Misfits cover of “Monster Mash” was a surreal start to my morning, and as a result my head is not in the right place.

I hate it when I feel I have to apologize for lack of content – seriously, NO ONE updates as much as I do – but it’s the Canadian in me.

I am waiting for a bunch of things to happen/arrive/be released/be available, and it’s making me anxious.

Here are some funny things from the internets:

now i want a giraffe.


3 thoughts on “it caught on in a flash

  1. I never think it’s worth saying, “Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile, but…”

    Just pick up and start posting again, however long the absence has been. Pointing out the gap doesn’t add anything, I believe.

    • I was really trying to point out the ridiculous of my apologizing for the gap, because it’s rarely more than 24 hours – people often apologize (or not, as you pointed out) for not blogging in weeks or months, but I experience the guilt if I go less than a DAY without sharing. I am pretty sure this is neurotic and dumb. :)

      • Damn these blogs and their lack of rules. How are we supposed to know when we’re failing?

        I have a very non-official goal of trying to maintain an average of one post a day. Without really enforcing it on myself, it seems I’m at 3664 posts in 9 years, 8 months. Something like 1.04 posts per day, on average.

        The nice thing is, after that long, I can miss a few days here and there and the average hardly budges, so my own one-post-per-day-on-average neurosis becomes easier and easier to maintain.

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