the hell that dwells inside

The Church of St. Mark’s has a helpful tool online:

Is there is an evil within you or someone you care about? Do they look at you with a strangers eyes? Is there a fear in your home, an abomination around you that makes your skin crawl? Perhaps something terrible has already happened, or will soon. Do something about it. This test puts 25 years of demonology and possession into your hands. Take the questionnaire and learn which demonic force – if any – may be plaguing you or someone you love.

Oh snap! I took the Demon Questionnaire, and I’m in trouble:

You may be afflicted with a demon known as KATAL
Katal is the demon of jealousy and bitterness – he’s the spitting image of Lucifer his master who rebelled against the true God. He finds his way into the hearts of those who are envious of those around them, who think ill of family, friends and neighbors. Signs: those possessed by Katal will have violent mood swings, they will have a cold, clammy sweat and most frighteningly, may bleed from the eyes. Those around the possessed may hear a menacing, whispered voice with no obvious source.

Scary! I must do additional research, stat!

The katal (symbol: kat) is the SI unit of catalytic activity. It is a derived SI unit for expressing quantity values of catalytic activity of enzymes and other catalysts. Its use is recommended by the General Conference on Weights and Measures and other international organizations. It replaces the non-SI enzyme unit. Enzyme units are, however, still more commonly used than the katal in practice at present, especially in biochemistry.

Wait, what?

I’m onto you, St. Mark! You won’t trick ME into chemistry!

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