more pax, less pox

This year, I’m armed with anti-bacterial hand goo. I hate both goo and anti-bacterial things, but I hate being sick even more. It strengthens my resolve that every time Ed goes to the bathroom, he regales me with stories about large hulking nerds who aren’t washing their hands on the way out. Ewwwww.

Day One was short but fun. We opted to return to suburbia a little early so we could take turns going to a movie -Ali and I went to the early showing of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (what? She hadn’t seen it, and this was only my third time) while the boys babysat; then we met in the parking lot to trade vehicles and children so the menfolk could go to the late showing. Hooray for figuring things out so everyone gets to have fun!

It is early and we are off to PAX again. Sadly, it is not quite early enough – I do not know if we’ll be able to get tickets for tonight’s nerd rock show. I will be sad, but I am old and shouldn’t be out past 9pm anyway what with my oldness and all.

Today is all about boobs and comfort.

To the nerd emporium!

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