lazy halloween

Our office party is this Friday, and I’m kind of leading the party planning. It’s going to be great fun, but I’m undecided about my costume. I don’t really feel a need to go all out this year; I won the contest last year with my Super Mario costume – but I have three half-assed options, and I’m not sure which one to do:

  • Rehash the Ramona Flowers outfit from PAX – I’d need to dig through my closet for an outfit, and make a giant hammer (+2 against girls)
  • Punk Girl Scout – would require fabric to make a sash, and merit badges attached
  • Bring back the terrifying Justin Bieber mask from Northern Voice – would require a paint stirrer

Nobody would understand the first costume, the second is a lot of work (relatively speaking), and the third is kind of lame (but really funny in my head). So, I’m putting it up to vote – which of my three really lame ideas should I do?

In other news, I’m so tired of constant negativity. I’ve really been paying attention to how people respond to things lately, even just random questions and small talk – and it’s disheartening to see/hear/read how many people instinctively have something negative to say. How about trying to be upbeat and positive for once? Is everything really THAT BAD? Yeah, it’s raining outside – is that truly the worst thing you’ve ever encountered in your life, or are you just bitching for the sake of something to say?

This isn’t to say that some people don’t have legitimate reasons to be negative and only an asshole would expect them to be cheery at all times .. it’s just the others that are starting to get to me. Does everything really suck so very hard just because your bus is full and your sandwich had mustard instead of mayo on it? I’m the first to whine about my first world problems, but I try to balance it out with general good cheer. Yes, the days are getting shorter – but spring is just around the corner! Okay, it’s raining – but it’ll pass soon enough! Maybe I spend too much time in my own head where it is happy and hilarious most of the time, or maybe I read too much into your 25 complaint-filled Tweets in a row. It’s just .. tiring. If you have a reason to be down, then more power to you – but constant complaining about nothing, to no one in particular, is just really fucking yucky.

(if you think this is directed at you, you are wrong)

7 thoughts on “lazy halloween

  1. THANK YOU for saying that. I feel much the same way about the negativity. Yes, we all have our own problems, and we all have just as much right to bitch… but seriously, you bring others down when you’re always an Eeyore!

  2. BIEBER!!

    Maybe we could run a short twitter campaign and enourage everyone that the next 10 tweets they make are all positive or have a positive spin? Happy is infectious!

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