invasion of the ipod person

Remind me never to hold a “tell me a sad story” contest again, because then I feel really really bad that I can’t give stuff to everyone. Unfortunately, I only have one iPod shuffle to give away so only one person can win .. and after much discussion with Ed, we decided that Jin604 is most in need of some free love:

I would love to win your shuffle! I have many many many reasons why I think I should win, but I will only list some since the contest is ending so soon!

  • I do not have an Ipod, no not any kind of Ipod! The only way I listen to music on the go is overhearing other people’s blasting in their ears or people singing to themselves on the street. I am so behind in technology gadgets, even my cell phone is an old old flip pay as you go cell that charges me 25 cents a minute so I don’t even answer it…ever (just ask any of my friends) The main “wow” feature of my phone is that it has an alarm clock and this phone is the biggest technology gadget I own (actually, maybe it is so old now that I cannot be considered technology!)
  • I have a diskman that is probably 15 years old. It is black and very large and hiding in a storage box in my house somewhere. I would not even attempt to use it to enjoy my music on in public because I think people would laugh and teenagers would wonder what that box I was carrying around was…sort of like when I was a kid and we would see old men at the beach carrying around boom boxes….ewwww!!!
  • I don’t have the funds to buy cool new things/technology now. I just finished 6 years of university and job hunting…so this win would be amazingly helpful when I am searching for a job or taking the bus (yes, I take public transportation now because someone wrote off my car and I can’t afford to get another car! (not even crap off Craigslist!) So listening to music on the bus instead of hearing other people’s conversations or listening to someone snore, would be amazing!

Hmmm…I could go on but I am hoping this will be good enough for the entry! I could tell you more in person if I won :)

Public transportation with nothing to block out other people. Job hunting after 6 years of university. No car. A cell phone that doesn’t DO anything. Those are all horrible, horrible things that could be made somewhat bearable with a rockin’ soundtrack to pass the time, so Jin wins. Thank you everyone who entered and shared a story, and I wish I could give iPods to you all – if I come across any more for some reason, I will share the love again!

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