i killed my funny

I survived the Mayo Experiment, but AT WHAT COST?!

The remaining mayonnaise was thrown out after I made my sandwich, and I ate my meal without incident. I didn’t even have any weird dreams or intestinal problems, which speaks loudly to either the arbitrary nature of “Best Before” dates and the shadowy conspiracy behind it or my adamantium constitution. I was hoping to at least be able to see through time or something, but nothing happened except for the apparent destruction of my ability to be funny.

I made a harmless and hilarious joke on Twitter today that resulted in someone unfollowing me because I “made them feel like an asshole”, which wasn’t my intention at all. The person’s Tweet just reminded me of the song “Last Caress” by the Misfits, so I ‘sang’ a little bit of it and changed the lyrics so it was about reading blogs. That’s it! I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was being FUNNY! Or so I thought .. apparently, not everyone is up on their Danzig and now someone thinks I am a jerk.

This morning I did a Difficult Thing, and now I feel better. At least, I did until I broke the awesome carved amber ring I got in Portland last summer .. clearly, I will have to make a trip to Portland soon to find a replacement. That is the only logical answer, right?

One thought on “i killed my funny

  1. Why throw it out??! Clearly it was still viable! That could have lasted for at least one my sandwich, or until a replacement could be obtained. :)

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