a haiku

pissing behind the
dumpster while your best friend looks
on – you’re my bro, bro

I came home to a frat boy incorrectly using the dumpster in the parking lot, his buddy parked next to it and .. well, staring. He was staring at his friend as he was peeing. Not my thing, but I’m not one to judge – go ahead and treat my back yard like a toilet; it’s not like there’s a McDonalds with that high-falutin’ indoor plumbing literally 60 feet to your left or anything. Go douche bag pride!

I think I’ve finally caught up on my sleep, and all it cost me was a night out. It figures that I wouldn’t be able to truly rest until the weekend, but I’ll take it. Plus, sausages! And two more nights of decadent sideways sleeping! Things are looking up. Not parking lot piss show up, but up all the same.

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