relief and a nice chianti

I didn’t realize just how stressed out I was about this, but I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and am feeling better than I have in a week.

I ordered some supplies for a fun new Got Graft project, but due to lousy communication on my part the items I need didn’t mail out with priority shipping like I (though I) requested. The stuff is coming from California which is normally not a big deal – but Canada Post and USPS have teamed up to turn my life a never-ending game of Waiting. Things shipped from the US are currently taking 28 days to reach me, meaning I was looking at a delivery date of May 9th for my pieces – and Got Craft is on May 8th.

It turns out all my worrying was for naught – my parts arrived TODAY, with plenty of time for me to create awesome. HOORAY! I am so relieved it’s comical. Now I can craft my heart out and make really cool things for Got Craft and hopefully people will want to buy them. I’ll still have Smuttons for sale, but I like to have additional crafty things available on the side. I’ve never seen the item I’m making at a local craft show before, so I hope they’ll be popular. I’m really excited about it! Yay for crafting!

Come see Miranda and I at Got Craft on Sunday May 8th, from 10 til 5! We’ll be the first stall on your right as soon as you walk into the main room, so come say hello and check out our awesome warez and porn. I’ll post another reminder closer to the date, and might do a small giveaway – mention the secret word for a free Smutton, or something – but I hope to see some friendly faces and I really, really hope you like my Sekret Kraft Project (and maybe want to buy it so I can afford to drink in Cuba)!

lunch is a delicious spleen on rye

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