unrequited sunday

The Friday and Saturday of my long weekend were fantastic, but Sunday is proving to be a royal pain in my ass.

I had a huge list of things I needed to do/find this weekend, and I left most of it to the last minute. This wasn’t for lack of trying, but all previous attempts were met with complete failure. I was confident that Sunday would be My Day (move over, Jebus) and I would knock all my objectives out of the park and into my plans, which included a well-deserved Mexican Scramble (with extra salsa) from Deacon’s Corner.

Did you know it is completely impossible to find suspenders in this town? And LEGO?

I need 5 pairs of suspenders for work. I didn’t think they would be difficult to find, but just in case I had a big list of places I could look. I started on Saturday morning with the first and surely last of my stops – Dressew. I had never been to Dressew before, but I was assured they would have all I needed and more.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been quite so overwhelmed by a single store before – my GOD there was a lot of stuff in there. I didn’t even begin to look at fabric; there was just too much else to see. I spent a goodly amount of time in there looking at everything, and found many things I didn’t even know I needed:

  • A pair of slotted sunglasses for the Expo 86 party
  • A black lace tutu
  • A roll of ivory tulle to go with my silver and black tulle – I have grand (yet undefined) plans
  • 45 feet of silver chain, which has all been used and now I need more
  • Two $0.25 tape measures and a pin cushion shaped like a tomato
  • Two large pieces of scrap leather in a gorgeous shade of spring green
  • Three pieces of fabric ends (green glitter flowers and two Hello Kitty prints!)

All awesome stuff, and all completely unnecessary (except for the chain). I failed at suspenders, though – the only ones I could find were sequined, which would be perfect and awesome at any other time but not suited to my current needs. Disappointing and ultimately the first of my 5 suspender-related failures this weekend; I am without the ability to hold up my pants (or the pants of my co-workers) and completely vexed at the lack of suspenders in this stupid city. I did find two pairs at Value Village, but they were baby-sized and mysteriously stained – not what I was going for. I did manage to hit the suspender jackpot at Zellers, but I need 5 pairs for an 8-hour joke – $20/pair is way, way outside my budget. So close and yet so far!

Suspenders were only part of my weekend failure – the other is LEGO. I need to buy or borrow a LEGO base board for Got Craft on May 8th, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. They’re all over the place online, but I don’t want to tempt fate and the shipping gods this close to the show – I need to source one locally. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Except stores don’t seem to sell LEGO pieces; just complete sets. Second-hand stores is a good idea, but someone out there is hording all the suspenders and LEGO pieces that come in and leaving none for anyone else. FIE on that person! He or she is a jerk.

The weekend wasn’t a total wash, though. I managed to make almost 50 pieces for Got Craft, get my hands on a black lace tutu, find Easter candy on sale, enjoy two gorgeous days of riding, have brunch with fun people AND pop my Dressew cherry. Add in Friday’s Top Secret Elopement and my plan to be naked until at least 8am tomorrow morning, and you’ve got a relatively satisfied (if somewhat frustrated) Kimli. Can’t complain, really (but I will anyway because goddamnit I need suspenders and LEGO).

ed's breakfast: the pancake bacon burrito (with syrup)

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