vacation postin’ day 4

I’m probably drunk! It’s Shan’s 30th birthday today, so we’re all in Cuba celebrating!

Originally posted January 4th, 2007:

spread on toast; enjoy

My alarm clock wasn’t set properly, and as a result I woke up late this morning. I’m not all that certain I’ve completely woken up at all; I’m operating in a thick fog of unknown and probably shouldn’t be operating heavy machinery like cars or the internet.

I’ve actually started this entry four times, each time deleting the text because it either made no sense or was incredibly boring. In desperation, I even turned to an online topic generator which spewed out things like “what was your favourite grade in school” and “where do your thoughts come from”; horrible topics that I wouldn’t touch with several ten foot poles. I must have refreshed the page a dozen times before I found a topic that wasn’t laden with treacle and/or so boring I could vomit fire: write a rhyming poem about your car.

WELL. This is something I can get behind! I proudly present to you my randomly generated topic for the day:

Ode to the Mazdabator

White 5-door hatchback
There’s only one catch that
Keeps my marbles abreast

Where’s my moon roof?

You wanted white
I caved without a fight
I only made that one small request

Oh, Mazdabator
You’re not a scooter
Or a Lexus Hummer Escalade
But I do appreciate your namesake:
Sticky hobo marmalade.

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