name my booth

One of the interesting pieces of email I received while on vacation was that I had been accepted into the June 19th Blim Market! I’ll be selling Smuttons and Heart Shaped Blox from 12-5 at the Main Street Car-Free Day, so if you missed me at Got Craft earlier this month you should come by!

I need your help, though – this’ll be the first time I’ve had my own table, and I need a name for it. I’ve always just had my things as part of Miranda’s table, but this is my own and I need an umbrella name to cover the different things I sell (Smuttons, Heart Shaped Blox, Purl Necklaces, whatever else I decide to make). Normally names for things jump out at me, but no one awesome name has made itself known and I’m kind of at a loss. I’ve tossed about “Delicious Juice Dot Booth” and “Delicious Booth Dot Com”, but those are kind of misleading as my items are not edible and the name wouldn’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t already know me. Also no good is “Porn and Lego”, because I’d scare people away and also get sued. So, please help!

What should I call my booth? Be creative on my behalf, and whoever suggests the name I end up using will get a prize pack of stuff I’ve made!

not shown: porn

6 thoughts on “name my booth

  1. Delicious Juice Geekware (or geekwear), or perhaps just Geekware by itself

    Given the smuttons & lego, I really want to suggest some variation on Cockblocker (Cockbloxxor?), but that’s probably inappropriate.

  2. Names I’m currently mulling (based on domain availability and hidden meanings):

    nerd burd (this is my current favourite)
    the dapper nerd
    wearable in-joke
    Hello Kimli

  3. I love Hello Kimli!

    because your stuff isn’t just all nerdy (see: smuttons) why not do a double name and make a cool logo to go with. Something like Smuttons & Nerd or Kimli & Such, something that allows you to expand should you have more awesome things you want to make.

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