public service announcement

It’s pretty well known that I’ve been a huge fan of Hipstamatic since the day it launched many moons ago. Because I’m so in love with them, I routinely keep up on what’s happening so I can take advantage of limited edition items, sales, pre-orders and more. I especially keep an eye out for new HipstaPak announcements; details on new film types, lenses and camera bodies to download and play with. Many of these are available for a limited time only, and I would be very sad if I didn’t get a chance to grab the item items to complete my collection (especially since they’re often free).

Hipstamatic just announced that for 62 hours only, they’ll be putting the super-duper limited edition HipstaPaks back online for people to buy. If you missed out on the Salvador Dali pak ($0.99), the Levi’s Holiday pak ($0.99) or the SWSX pax (free!), you can get them through your Hipstamatic app starting at 10am June 10th. They’ll only be up until midnight June 12th and then likely gone forever, so if you want some awesome new toys to jazz up your images you need to take advantage of this RetroWeekend. Mark it in your calendars!

There are also two limited-edition paks available right now: the free NSW Always On pak which has two films and a camera skin, and the Bondi pak with an awesome lens/film combo for $0.99. Get them before they disappear!

hipstamatic makes me happy in my pants

Hooray for brilliant iPhone apps!

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