can’t fight the seether

I am SEETHING with frustration and venereal disease – FUCKING INFOPATH! If I thought I hated SharePoint, it was NOTHING compared to the boiling rage and impotent disgust I have for this fucking program. I AM SO IMPOSSIBLY FRUSTRATED! It’s a good thing it’s International Caps Lock Day – I’m going to use that to my advantage.

Mail service resumed today, and I am HIGHLY (and irrationally) ANNOYED that I didn’t get any of the SEVEN MILLION things I am waiting for in the mail. I know there’s a huge backlog to work through and my stuff will get to me eventually, but patience and rationality are not my strong points – I want my STUFF. NOW. Waiting is making me EXTREMELY CRANKY.

There is a giant whiteboard in front of my desk that is covered in Things That Must Be Done Yesterday in very large letters and it is making me kind of nauseous.



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