pew pew canada

We replaced the cocaine with salmon, but Darren’s cocaine-fueled Canada Day BBQ and Fireworks Party was an excellent time. It was a fun way to cap off a random day of errands in the suburbs, and Darren is an awesome host who is generous with his BBQ and stellar cheesecake-making skills alike. The fireworks he arranged JUST FOR US were also fun:

the sideshow bob hair fireworks are my favourite

ooh ahh

.. and so on and so forth. We drove Gill home afterwards, which was interesting as she lives downtown. The streets were packed with leftover fireworks viewers, and we got to see the two coolest people in Vancouver hands down: a tall black guy dressed in white pants and a white vest, wearing white sunglasses, and carrying a Casio keyboard looking for all the world as though he stepped out of an 80’s synth video, and an old Native man walking with a cane with a portable amp around his waist, playing metal licks on an electric guitar on Granville Street. Both of these guys were completely fucking awesome, and I salute them. I wasn’t able to get a picture of 80’s guy, and here’s a really lousy picture of Metal Man:

rock on, metal man

I’m sure this stuff is perfectly normal in downtown Vancouver at midnight on a Friday, but I’m not a club kid or a douchebag so I’m never down there at this time. I want to go hang out some night and just people watch – maybe I’ll live blog Granville Street one night. It can only be an awesome idea to sit on a corner with an iPad watching everyone around me, right?

It looks like summer is here (likely for today only), and I have Secret Errands to run so I best be on my way. To the shower!

this building is so expensive they ran out of money for the final A


One thought on “pew pew canada

  1. Metal Man is the dude who keeps me up some nights. That guitar sure echoes. I don’t really mind too much, but him going at it at 2 am on a weeknight is not my funnest time.

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