gimme gimme

An awkward phone call:

“I heard your company does charitable donations like gift cards and stuff. Can I have some?”

No. No, you can’t. Stop calling me, crazy lady.

My Friday started out well enough – I was in a good mood, managed to get a seat on the bus, was amused by the dirty looks thrown my way, admired some well-built calves on the guy standing next to me – but it’s rather quickly souring on me. A lot of stuff hasn’t gone my way since the aforementioned calf-ogling, and it’s bringing me down:

  • I haven’t gotten any mail this week at all – my whore coins still haven’t arrived, along with a whole bunch of other stuff
  • While my Cram Crafting for this Sunday’s Blim Market is going well, I’m out of chain for my Heart Shaped Blox and every place I’ve checked is out of stock
  • I dropped Lola off at the shop yesterday, and I got a call this morning – she is FUCKED UP. I had an issue in June with some missing oil, and it turns out that my engine was completely dry. Oil is going from the tank to .. somewhere, but not the engine. The weird lurching I experienced on the Second Narrows was my engine trying to seize, and if that happened .. well, Lola would be dead because I can’t afford a full transmission replacement. As it is, I might be looking at one hell of a repair bill and I have no idea when I’ll get her back and it’s making me anxious and cranky.
  • Cramps! I haven’t had cramps in so long I’d forgotten what they feel like. Turns out I don’t much like them!

With the exception of my scooter, the list isn’t THAT bad. My mail will get here eventually; I just need more patience. The cramps will go away. I will either find some chain tonight, or I won’t – not a big deal. And Lola .. well, I’ll find out soon. Fingers crossed that it’s just a clogged tube or something, and doesn’t require a complete rebuild.

Reminder: Heather and I will be at the Blim Market this Sunday from 12-5pm. It’ll be at Robson and Howe, as part of Picnurbia – a car-free picnic/festival in the middle of the city. Come get some Heart Shaped Blox (both regular and new fancy blinged) from me and some awesome photo cards and magnet sets from Heather, or just stop by and see the sights (and bring us Diet Coke).

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