won’t be: held back/tied up/pinned down

(title is a lyric from ‘dimitri mendeleev’ by astronautalis – give it a listen here)

My week has been extremely tiring, but I don’t want to complain anymore. I’ve been louder about the bad than the good, and that’s a depressing way to live – so in the spirit of being the person I want to be, here is the awesome side of things that have happened this week:

  • I had Monday off to go to the PNE, but the rain changed our plans. Instead, I worked from home and got a lot done while totally naked, and saved the vacation day to use another time
  • .. like this coming Monday, because I won two gate and ride passes to the PNE courtesy of London Drugs‘ awesome Twittering!
  • My hard drive died dead, but people have given me tons of suggestions on how to recover some or all of the data so there is still hope that my blackmail-padded retirement fund can live again
  • I sold a bunch of old things for phat cash that will be my spending money in London. It was a random decision with a relatively quick follow up and a surprising pay off, and a very unexpected boost to my UK Trip Fund
  • We’re going to PAX tomorrow! In addition to three days of nerdgasms, I get to visit my favourite Americans and drag Ed to the Lego store in Bellvue
  • I have a three-day work week next week, and two 4-day weeks after that! One of those weeks includes a trip to Whistler for our anniversary, for which we are planning a day at the Scandinave baths and another day being way up high thanks to the Whistler Peak to Peak Gondola
  • Countdown to London: 50 days!
  • It’s summertime in a beautiful city full of people I love. I have Diet Coke, a roof over my head, food in my belly, someone who loves me, and a great rack. The minor inconveniences currently giving me ass marbles will be dealt with, and I am lucky that those are the worst of my problems – in short, I have nothing to truly complain about. Life is awesome.

Stay beautiful, everyone!


2 thoughts on “won’t be: held back/tied up/pinned down

  1. What a great post! Full of positivity. If you are looking for a good place to eat a nice dinner in Whistler I highly recommend Araxi’s. Had my birthday dinner up there in July. It ranks as the best fine dining experience I have had to date, sitting out on a lovely patio watching the crowds go by was an enjoyable way to enjoy a delicious meal with good wine.

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