fair maiden

Our new interim CEO starts today, and I am dressed in full on Business Formal for the occasion. I like to keep them guessing, so every now and then I’ll show up dressed like someone who actually knows what she’s doing (and knows better than to dress how I normally do). I figured “new CEO” was as good an excuse as any to play dress up – plus when I go back to normal tomorrow, it’ll be like a bonus. Surprise! Boobs!

Ed and I went to the PNE yesterday, courtesy of the passes I won from London Drugs. The day was overcast but dry, and we enjoyed ourselves before the crowds got to be too much. I went on a few other rides which was fun until I wanged my head really hard on a metal bar, which made me kind of dizzy. Unfortunately, I had to go on most rides by myself (which isn’t nearly as much fun) because Ed doesn’t do rides. I did get him on the Atmosfear with me, though – and it was SO MUCH FUN. I’d have ridden it all damn day if I could have (the lines were INSANE), and I’m trying to get some people to go to the PNE with me later this week so I can do it again. I tried to take some pictures while we were up there, but it was scary high and I was afraid of dropping my phone – next time I’ll rig something up for added safety (and maybe not stick my finger in front of the lens).

We ate corn dogs, I bought the traditional Fair Fudge (which will sit in the fridge uneaten for 8 months before it finally gets thrown out), and I bought the world’s coolest iPhone case in the market. We made our way through the crowds and walked home, pleased with our lazy Monday at the fair.

halfway up the atmosfear

break dance!

working my way up to the atmosfear


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