brain dump 3000

I absolutely cannot get enough of things that shit rainbows:

Muffin Knight and Jetpack Joyride – $0.99 each; untold hours of lost productivity. It took me a while to fully get the point of Muffin Knight, but once I did .. well, I was up until 3:30am playing. Both are awesome. Both will suck you in like an enthusiastic strumpet on job evaluation day. Get them now, or forever be without things that shit rainbows.

The entire universe knows my stance on A2M – never do it, ever ever ever – so accordingly, nothing kills my lady boner while reading erotica faster than coming across a scene of A2M. Ooh yeah that’s hot slap that ass and lick that clit and BAM someone in the corner goes A2M and that’s the end of it for me. Even badly written fictional characters can never go A2M. Why this isn’t a universal truth is completely beyond me.

Welcome home, Kienan Hebert – glad you’re back. The happy ending everyone hopes for but rarely comes true is a reality in this case, and that’s awesome. I do have a theory about the whole thing, though – the suspected kidnapper, Randall Hopley, has a history of child abduction. He took some kid a few years back, but it was a misguided attempt to return a foster child to his birth parents. I don’t know why I think this, and this is simply my own theory so don’t go quoting me as a source or anything, but Kienan is the youngest child in a family with eight kids, including one with serious health issues. I have a feeling that if Hopley took the kid, it was because he thought Kienan was being neglected and was sad – not for any nefarious purposes (other than, you know, stealing a child). Just a hunch. I’m probably wrong given that I am a mere outsider with rainbows on the brain, but it was interesting to think about.

9/11: they said “Never Forget” and I never will, but I am seriously squicked out by the sheer amount of grief porn going on today. I won’t be watching TV or reading the news, and instead having my own private memorial inside my head. I know ten years is a milestone number, but I’m pretty sure “submerging yourself in televised memorials and drawing out your pain for people to gawk at” isn’t a step in the healing process.

Today there will be passports and pie.

After Operation: Panties failed miserably yesterday, I spent several hours buying underwear on eBay. This can only be the best idea I’ve ever had!

I am ruing the lost of my hard drive with all my music on it.

Old insecurities are creeping back in, making me doubt everything about myself. Hello there, low self esteem – I didn’t really miss you, you know. But now that you’re here, why don’t you just go ahead and tell me all the things that are wrong with me? Have a seat; this’ll likely take a while.

nature is nifty.

3 thoughts on “brain dump 3000

  1. a2m is bad. a2anything other than a wet wipe or a shower is bad. So. Wrong. After it goes in the A, IT GETS WASHED THE FUCK OFF. Then you may continue playing.

    I am weirded out about this Kienan thing, too. There’s something that doesn’t seem quite right here.

    • Coincidentally enough, a story I had been reading earlier had the protagonist showering off after the first round of sexy butt times, “scrubbing my cock until I felt comfortable sticking it in someone’s mouth again”. YES. THANK YOU. Was that so difficult?

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