Since when has the law been a “do as we say and not as we do” kind of thing?

On my way home I saw:

  • A policeman in an unmarked car using his dashboard computer while driving (I was directly behind him in traffic and could clearly see his head pointed at the screen with an occasional glance up to make sure didn’t hit anyone)
  • A firetruck in non-emergency mode making an illegal left-hand turn at Main and Pender (no left turns between 7am and 6pm; it was 5:15)
  • Another policeman talking on his cell phone while driving down Main Street towards Hastings

.. not to mention the usual assortment of assclowns and dong horfers who tried to run me down or pull up on my right side when I was clearly waiting to turn right with my signal on.

What the fuck, people.

Shame on you, @VancouverPD. How can we expect you to eventually lay charges in connection with the riots sometime in the next 5 years if you can’t even follow your own stupid traffic laws?


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