sure thing, frankie

A few months back I found a wicked deal on one of the local e-coupon sites: 2 nights in Whistler, steaks and terrifying gondolas. It seemed like an excellent idea, so I purchased the voucher and went on my merry way.

This weekend Ed and I are using said voucher, and are currently holed up in a fancy suite in the middle of Whistler Village. We had dinner at a steakhouse last night, and today used the Peak to Peak passes to go way the hell up a mountain or two. It’s our anniversary on the 21st (ps: anniversary tacos will be had; join us if you don’t suck), and we are pre-celebrating in style.

Truthfully, we’re being kind of boring but it’s exactly what we need. I did go into the office on Friday to get some work done even though I was still Mighty Ill, and it wasn’t until we had left the city far behind us that I started to feel even somewhat human again. I’m still not 100%, but I no longer feel as though I’m on a different axis than the rest of you (and the alarming surprise vomiting is almost gone entirely). I think it was a combination of sick and stress – at any rate, spending a quiet weekend swanking it up in a hotel is kind of awesome.

The addition of the two Peak to Peak passes in our weekend deal was the thing that really caught my eye – it’s one of those things that I’d love to do but would be extremely hard pressed to pay the $50 per person to go up. With our Excellent Deal in hand though, we merrily made our way up the first of two gondolas to explore the mountain before it’s crawling with people who enjoy the cold wet stuff that falls from the sky. The day was overcast with the occasional spot of sun, and what we were able to see was breath-taking (I’ll post pictures when I’ve got a real computer at my disposal; I packed my iPad camera adapters in preparation for London) and I only almost fell out of the small gondola twice. The actual P2P gondola was amazing and terrifying – it’s the longest cable-suspended gondola in the world, and if I thought about all that empty air beneath me for too long I got dizzy and panic-stricken. Still, it was beautiful up there and I’m glad we got to do it even if I wasn’t really up to doing any of the trails – being sick and in super thin air equals hard times.

After the gondolas we wandered into the village for some food, then came back to hotel room to nap. Ed is currently reading, I am cursing my decision to not bring my bluetooth keyboard, and I may take a bath. We are not a wild Larry (auto-correct insists on Larry, so there he is), but I needed this. We both did.

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