10,000 spoons

As I’ve mentioned all over the internet, I’ve been spending the past several weeks elbow deep in PCI Compliance. I am far too familiar with the ins and outs of payment card security standards and what happens when things go wrong – it’s not at all an interesting topic, despite my efforts. And at the end of it all, my superior knowledge and lofty bosom are of no matter at all: my credit card was compromised last week, and has to be replaced.

I got a call yesterday morning from Visa, and after jumping through numerous hoops to verify they were legit and not the very thing they were claiming to protect me from, it came to light that my card data had been yoinked from an insecure place: someone had attempted to book a room at the Churchill Inn and buy things from Apple.com. Naughty naughty, and apparently out of character enough for my credit card company to raise an eyebrow and give me a call to make sure I hadn’t run away from home. I hadn’t (this time), so they blocked my card and stopped payments and now no one can traipse around the city pretending to be me.

Of course, this is proving to be an enormous pain in the ass. I’m grateful for the security and junk, but while I’m waiting for my new card to arrive, things are falling apart around me:

  • I can’t park! My credit card is tied to my mobile parking account
  • My last three app purchases bounced somehow – iTunes is kind of slow with the billing sometimes and by the time they tried to charge me my card had been shut off so they want money
  • I’m going to have to memorize a WHOLE NEW NUMBER oh no

Okay, three things. Only three things are falling apart around me. And I look awesome today, so there’s that.

Bring it, Monday.

never be lost

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