tuesday tuesday

Tonight I will not stay up until midnight then expect to not be a zombie the following morning. I’m getting the hang of this!

Today in London we:

  • Saw the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
  • Littered (unintentionally) at the home of the Queen (okay, only I did that)
  • Delittered at the home of the Queen as soon as I could
  • Discussed the frostiness of my box at the Palace – it was not a good day to have worn a dress
  • Walked the length of Constitution Hill
  • Waxed brief poetry at Hyde Park
  • Ate an amazing lunch at a hidden pub
  • Wandered some picturesque back alleys
  • Marveled at Big Ben up close and personal
  • Took a boat tour on the River Thames
  • Explored the Tower of London
  • Made an offer on the Crown Jewels (was turned down)
  • Took a million pictures
  • Picked up random foods for dinner eatin’ from Marks and Spencer; wept at the deliciousness/low prices/non-processed foodiness of it all
  • Planned out our Wednesday
  • Went to bed at a somewhat decent hour


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