(no story today – this is the part of the book where you’ve been caught reading under the covers with a flashlight and are told to go to sleep or you’ll get beaten with a rattan switch kept hanging in the kitchen specifically for beating purposes) (.. that may have just been me)

It’s been a really rough week ’round these parts; fanciful attempts at story writing aside. On Tuesday, 10 people were laid off from our office in Vancouver, and everyone is taking really hard – people are upset, worried, angry, confused, hurt. It’s tense and sad in here right now, and I feel terrible for those who were let go because they were utterly blindsided by it. I wish there was more I could do than feel bad and swear, but ..

If you know of any Lower Mainland companies looking for an HR hero, an awesome tech support manager, a rock n’ roll sys admin OR an Android-loving IT guy, please let me know – I’ll pass along the info.

The stress of the week has been manifesting itself in the form of NO SLEEP. I’m little more than a painted zombie right now; two days of terrible eating and no rest has left me exhausted and drooling. I’m looking forward to the weekend because I really need the downtime (and also I want to bake cookies) – hell, I’d settle for a nap. Maybe when my head brains come back, I’ll remember where I left my glasses. I have (8) backup pairs, but the ones I lost were my FAVOURITE. I hope they show up. How will people know I’m a hipster if I have no black-rimmed glasses? For shame.


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