Sometimes it’s just plain fun to be evil.

We live directly across the street from a Ramada. Last weekend when setting up the new router, I named our (secure) wi-fi networks “Ramada Wireless” and “Ramada Guest Wireless”.

It amuses me every single time I look at the available networks list.

‘Fess up: what little things make you do the finger pyramid of evil contemplation? I can’t be the only one.

Apologies for the radio silence – I’ve been in such a foul mood for the last couple of days that I’ve been actively trying to stay away from the internet. Given the number of fights I got into online yesterday, I probably could have tried a little harder – everything was just so enraging. Today I will try to behave. If I am tweeting less than usual, that’s me trying to behave. Also, please don’t be a jackass. That will help a LOT.


5 thoughts on “evil

  1. I was using someone’s unsecured wireless network in my neighborhood that was called “4 Chicks”. They finally decided to secure it which pissed me off because I didn’t have a wireless router at the time. So, I went out and got one and named my network “4 Chicks have AIDS” to spite them.

  2. I have been debating changing my SSID from “CSIS Surveillance Van CAN 2936” to “Keylogger”, and leaving it open. I wouldn’t actually monitor the data coming through.. but it would be interesting to see if anyone logs onto it.

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