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Space Miner

Genre: Mining .. in space
Price: Free (sale price)

I’ve been playing this non-stop since I downloaded it on Thursday. I finished the game last night, then immediately started it again. You start out mining space ore, then quickly move on to taking down a mega corporation and destroying evil robots. It’s like Occupy Wall Street, only more satisfying because a) you get to shoot things and b) you win.


30 Second Life

Genre: You work, then you die.
Price: Free (sale price)

30 Second Life is a deceptively simple life simulator. Press the WORK buttons as fast as you can (or as slow as you want) to live your entire life in 30 seconds or less. Your work ethic can lead you to success, or a life of crime, or both. There are awesome combos you can unlock based on the path your life takes, and I am determined to unlock the Wil Wheaton combo. Great way to pass the time in short bursts, and it’s always awesome to be a drug lord.


Stop Motion Recorder

Genre: Movie makin’
Price: Free (sale price)

Make fun little stop motion movies with this easy to use recorder. It’s really fun, and you never know when someone is going to challenge you to make something ridiculous. I like the simplicity of this app, and have used it several times with moderate-to-great success. Plus, free. Free!


Async Corp.

Genre: Get to work!

Very fun little puzzle game with four very different play modes. A lot of the fun comes from the interface, which acts as your inbox on the job. Perform well and receive promotions, which I’m told is when you are raised to a higher level at work and given additional money – seems crazy to me, but apparently people get these things from time to time if you’re not me. Anyway, the game is fun. It’s a buck, but you can wait for a sale if you are cheap or poor.

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