bad at children; christmas

Justin Bieber, you are an elusive creature.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not up on what six-year-old girls find cool, but I do my best to fulfill wishes when they are presented to me. The 6 year old in our adopted family asked for “Justin Bieber anything”, so I spent much of my weekend thinking more about the Biebz than I ever have or hope to again.

I had sort of hoped the task would be easy, as his Biebness is all over the damn place these days. However, since everything in my life right now is an arduous task of insurmountable odds, actually FINDING Bieber stuff was close to impossible. Is Bieber passé now? Is he no longer the cool thing for girls to sigh over? I dragged Ed to two of the most hellacious places to be on a Sunday afternoon two weeks before Christmas – SuperStore and Walmart – and was extremely hard pressed to find ANYTHING with Justin’s floppy lesbian grin staring out at me in a Canadian approximation of swagger. Seriously, the only non-CD item I could find was a pinata. While the thought of giving someone a Justin Bieber pinata is a hilarious one, it’s not something I’d want to give a little girl for Christmas – so I bought what I could: the Christmas CD, a copy of the movie, some other “All About Justin!” DVD, and some stickers. Then, to ease my suffering, I decided the girl also likes princesses. That made things a little easier.

The very request for Bieber stuff is kind of weird – are 6-year-olds really that up on pubescent teen idols? I tried to remember what I was into when I was 6, but everything before 1982 is a blur. I even looked up popular toys from the era, but I don’t remember ever owning any of them so that was no help. This is where I need you, internet – if you have girl who’s 6, what was on her wish list this year? And what about you – what did YOU want when you were six? I am no good at children.

kids like masks, right?

6 thoughts on “bad at children; christmas

  1. I am pretty sure when I was six I super wanted an Easy Bake oven. I am not surprised to hear a six year old wants some Bieber stuff though, mostly because I have seen that terrible video of like a four year old crying about him.

  2. My sister was all about Dora when she was 6. Now that she has turned the ripe old age of 10, she let me know in no uncertain terms that Bieber is totally uncool, so … I guess he only appeals to six year olds now?

    She prefers Beyonce. She amuses the heck out of me.

  3. Well, I HAVE a 6-year-old an I can tell you definitively that it is all about the barbie. Barbie dolls, barbie clothes (the bigger and pouffier the dress, the better. That bitch attends ALOT of formal occasions) barbie colouring books, barbie cars, more barbie dresses, and 1 ken doll for every 11 barbies. Oh, and some more dresses. Fuck the shoes, they always get lost anyways.

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