season of the witch

I figured that Ed and I would have a very quiet Christmas by ourselves, but it was the complete opposite – we’ve been hanging out with assorted friends and quasi-family every day for the past week, and it’s been glorious. It’s exactly what the season should be: friends, food, and video games (optional, if you’re not into that sort of thing). Also, therapy. What’s Christmas without therapy?

I had my second official session today, and it’s been a very interesting ride so far. I like therapy – I don’t come out of sessions sobbing or emotionally drained (although I am disappointed that I don’t get to lie on a couch while the therapist takes notes on the flavour of my crazy); I actually find myself refreshed afterward. I have nothing to base this on, but I assume that going to therapy is somewhat like hiring a prostitute: she diddles my brain for an hour, and I fork over a lot money for the privilege.

We finished up the “tell me about your childhood” stuff today, so I’m totally cured. I’m going to keep going to therapy – but my reasons for doing so have changed, even in the 4 weeks it’s been. For starters, I’m no longer stressed out about work .. but come January, I’m going to be stressed out that I don’t have a job, so there’s that. Plus my mother is coming to visit (I wisely scheduled my next appointment for the day after she leaves), so there’ll be a lot to talk about.

All sarcasm aside, I’m finding talking to a neutral party about everything on my mind is really helpful. I’ve been figuring out shit left and right, which is kind of fun – and soon, she’s gonna let me play with the dinosaurs. My former benefits are paying for this, so I need to squeeze as much talking and awareness out of the sessions while someone else foots the bill.

Also: dude, dinosaurs!

Okay, enough with the relatively dull soul searching – it’s time to Look Forward to Stuff! Tomorrow, I’m gonna traverse the wild unknowns of Richmond and go to Daiso, and later this week we’re going to Seattle for NYE. I think I had something planned for Thursday too, but I can’t remember what it is .. hell, even if it’s nothing but sitting naked on my couch playing Super Mario Land 3D, I will enjoy the hell out of it. It’s Mario! In 3D! The future fits right in my pocket!

Note to self: you’re unemployed again, so it’s time to build your daily schedule around reruns of Crossing Jordan. I don’t think the show is currently on air, so I may have to download all seven seasons and watch a couple episodes each day, every day. It’s my unemployment ritual – I’ve done it every time I’ve been jobless, but never intentionally .. until NOW. Take that, joblessness. I will proactively watch procedural drama starring former Law and Order ADAs just to beat you to the punch!

also: arm wrestling.

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