gotta get down on friday

I spent much of the early morning Wiki Hopping (the intellectual version of being caught in a YouTube Loop); reading up on Minstrel shows of the mid-1800s, which led to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Little House on the Praire, The Darkest Hour (this may have been an intentional jump and only because the spoiler hasn’t been posted yet), and finally labia minora, which utterly did not lead to an extended bout of personal exploration with a handheld mirror and a bike light.

Incidentally, I have determined that my vagina is a Pokemon and I am actively levelling up so it can evolve into Vaginismus and eventually, the powerful and elusive Vulvovaginitis. Vulvovaginitis, I don’t particularly choose you but you seem determined to hang around no matter what I do! Use your tent attack to stretch and self-lubricate, then defeat that penis!

.. it’s times like this when I’m glad I don’t have a job, so no one can spy on my simultaneous browser searches for “Pokemon attack moves” and “vaginal activity during intercourse”.

So, how’s by YOUR Friday? Have you made up your mind about which seat to take?

I am consistently amused by the ongoing dialogue inside my head.

Also, I am ending out this horrible, horrible (okay, not THAT bad) year with the realization that I have FRIENDS – awesome ones – that I am super glad to have in my life. That is for smile-making and bouncing!

Okay, off to shower and dress and pack for America.


night times equal pretty times

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