stupid germs

I’ve been sick for the last 48 hours with a nasty stomach flu, and it seems to be getting WORSE and not better. I feel fine except for my inability to keep food down, and it’s starting to stress me out – I want to go outside and do things, not sit around the house bored out of my mind because I’m afraid to leave sight of a bathroom. I have a package waiting for me at the post office, several errands to run, and groceries from Tuesday still sitting in the car (all dry goods + Diet Coke .. I think). I also need to, you know, start looking for work. I gave in to the holiday spirit and fully threw myself into the worry-free lifestyle of a wealthy dowager (which was wrong for a surprising number of reasons), but now it’s officially the New Year and I need to find a New Job. This annoying (and gross) little tummy bug is putting a pretty big damper on my plans to do anything at all and I DO NOT APPROVE.

That’s really all I have to say today. I still want to talk about the amazing food at the NYE party, but perhaps when the thought of food doesn’t make me weep. I have a couple posts brewing in the back of my head, but they’re not fully percolated yet. I want to do some baking what with all this free time I have, but I don’t think cooking food for others while ill is such a good idea. What’s left? I could play video games, I suppose. If I have to. Perhaps I’ll go speak to the gentleman who took an arrow to the knee.

In the meantime, I would truly like this stomach flu to go away so I can get on with my January.

this is where i would like to be

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