bad gamer

I feel like a terrible, disloyal gamer: as part of our home organizations, our framed series of original MDK2 posters from Bioware (like, directly from Bioware – they said “hey, want these?” and I said “hell yes”) are coming down for the first time since 2000. I love the set and they’re certainly not going anywhere – they just won’t be on the wall for the time being. I’m sorry, MDK2 posters! I still love you!

Yeah, I’m that person – the one who feels guilty when she throws out a toothbrush for a new one. Years ago I had to make Sophie’s Choice and ultimately decided to retire my original Transformers: The Movie poster from 1986, which had been hanging in my various rooms since .. well, 1986. It was tattered and in rough shape (and for some reason has Rick Hansen on the other side) from repeated hangings and framed in 1997 to try to stem the tide of deterioration and is one of my very favourite things ever, but there was simply no place for it in this Brave New World of matching furniture and not wearing old McDonald’s uniform shirts instead of doing laundry.

Being an adult is such a drag.

rest in the closet, mdk2 posters.

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