just call me chippy

The tooth I chipped last week was fixed on Thursday, but this morning it chipped again. I’ve decided I don’t want to deal with it – I am going to leave the damn tooth chipped, and hope the sharp edge will eventually smooth itself out. Sure, I look like a deranged hobo – but whaddya gonna do. The repaired section was the piece that broke, so my mouth rejected the fix like my body rejected the baboon heart – I could probably get the dentist to do it again, but a) it was a pain in the ass and b) they didn’t charge me (which, all things considered, is a good thing). If I was downtown on a daily basis, I’d go in and prop my mouth open for a couple hours .. but that requires getting dressed and putting pants on, and I’m just not that committed to not looking like a crazy old woman. It is much more relaxing to be nude and fancy-free – why all the worrying?

I was up bright and early this morning (the last time I saw 7am, I was just going to bed) for the first of two job interviews today. It went well, and could be a good opportunity. The interview I have this afternoon is a second interview, so the process is a little further along. On the dream job front, I’m holding steady with two applications marked “Under Review” (as opposed to the dreary “submitted” or flat-out-terrible “reviewed, not selected”). I hope something happens soon, because there’s very little else out there for me – I’m utterly awesome, but 99.9% of companies don’t seem to realize they need me and that makes me sad (and broke).

Off to prepare. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “just call me chippy

  1. Good luck! Our first round of layoffs at work will occur in early April. I’m fairly confident I’m sticking around, but you just never know. I sympathize with your plight of being AWESOME, but being awesome at a job where there’s not really very many opportunities. I hope one of these interviews works out for you and they recognize how great you are.

  2. My chipped tooth had the same problem. I had it repaired 3 times before I gave up, but I kept re-chipping it by chewing on my nails.

    I don’t chew my nails anymore, so one of these days I might go get it fixed again… but eh, it’s smoothed out so now the repair probably won’t hold anyway. Whatever, this shit adds character, right?

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