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i amuse myself regularly

I rode into work today! I can’t quite see Lola from my window, but I can see her from a couple cubes over. There’s street parking around here – $4 for 10 hours – but I shoved myself in behind a car for free. The parking meters here are weird and don’t appear to be controlled by the city, so we’ll see how long I can get away with scooter squeezing before we move down the street and the hunt begins again.

The office is less than 6km from Sparta, so it’s a very quick commute. My ride in was jolly, if a little frosty – I could have used another nine pairs of gloves. Still, it’s awesome to be riding again in sunshine times – I love my scooter. And if I continue to be afraid of the lunch I packed, I’ll love the freedom to hop on Lola in search of food that won’t kill me. Hooray!

It’s funny how quickly you can settle back into a routine after time off. Less funny was the dream I had last night, in which I went back to my old job after three months and had to do an office tour for new hires only to be horrified by the appearance of walls everywhere. I’m fairly certain there are some deep, meaningful messages within that dream, but I’ll leave the mystery for my stalkers to whisper about amongst themselves.

How’s by your Wednesday?

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