farting on the internet

I realized (after getting some sleep – up at 7am for no reason makes me dumb) that my post below was many things, including misleading and childish and petulant – so this is a follow-up post to say I’m sorry, I’m fine, I’m PMS’ing, I’m muddled up about a bunch of trivial-ass things, I’m unable to properly articulate my feelings like an adult .. so in a last ditch attempt at making some words go, I simply farted on the internet.

Sorry about that.

You can tell I’m serious, because I DO NOT FART. Ever. It’s too close to pooping, and I don’t do that – but in this case, it honestly explains exactly what happened this morning. Frustrated farts instead of words. Oops.

Now I’m going for pizza and iron men!

Here is an adorable picture to make up for internet farts:


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