In honour of World Cat Day (seriously, that’s a thing), I give you .. KITTENS!

photo by cindy hughes

This is Dapper Charles. HE IS A KITTEN! It’s Kitten Seasons, and there are too many kittens in shelters waiting for a home. Black cats are usually the last to be adopted, for reasons I do not understand – LOOK at this guy. He is gorgeous! Charles is playful and affectionate, and would do well in any kind of home – dogs, other cats, small humans, or even as an only cat (but no one should ever have only one cat). If you would like to celebrate World Cat Day in style, consider giving Charles a home. He’s currently being fostered via HomeFinders Animal Rescue Society, so please contact them to arrange your destiny of ADOPTING KITTENS RIGHT NOW.

photo by cindy hughes
charles is also delicious

If you were raised in the 18th century and are afraid of black cats and women wearing pants, perhaps Denny is more your style:

photo by cindy hughes

Denny is a shy boy who needs a little coaxing to come out of his shell. He’s soft and fluffy, and has had all his shots and his baby-making-parts removed – he’s ready to go to a good home that will love him madly. He’s playful once he feels comfortable, and would do well with other cats or on his own. Plus, SOFT AND FLUFFY. Denny needs someone to be his champion, because the shy kittens are often overlooked for the more outgoing ones – but he’s full of love and adorable kitten beans. Like Charles, Denny is being fostered via HomeFinders Animal Rescue Society – contact them to meet this gorgeous ball of fluff today.

photo by cindy hughes



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