i win at wednesday

.. because there is a picture of a tiny kitten wearing a tiny cowboy hat on my blog:

that sound you hear is the hive mind of the internet going “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” in high-pitched unison

This is Moxie. No other words need be said, but here they are anyway: Moxie is a 3-month old kitten. She is adventurous, playful, affectionate, and is ready to be adopted into a loving home of any configuration (only cat, additional cat, full of small children, etc). Also – and this is the truly important point here – SHE IS WEARING A TINY HAT. LOOK! LOOK HOW CUTE! Oh my god!

If you are the kind of person who does not like hats (wtf get out), here is another picture of Moxie proving she can be adorable with or without things on her head:

pretty kitty!

Moxie is currently being fostered through the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), about whom enough good things cannot be said. Please contact them if you wish to meet and perhaps adopt this adorable and awesome hat-wearing kitten!

If you have enough room in your heart for a pair of gorgeous cats and a strong appreciation of puns and chocolate, perhaps you would be interested in adopting this brother and sister pair:

meet furrero

and his twin sister, roche

Furrero and Roche (get it?) are twin tuxedo kittens that need to be adopted together. They are both playful and loving, alternating between naps in the sun and chasing toys around the house. Both of these kittens would be a fantastic addition to your home and fill your days with their adorable antics; antics that will inevitably drive you to take and post picture after picture on Instagram. Are you awesome enough to love Furrero and Roche as much as they need?

If you’d like to meet Moxie or Ferrero and Roche, please contact VOKRA to arrange your destiny!

All the above pictures were taken by Jackie Dives – more of her awesome animal pictures can be seen on Orphan Animal Pics!

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