lessons learned

So, I was Canada for a week. It was fun interacting with people outside my usual circles, and I only got into one fight with some guy (who, to be fair, was a total asshat). All in all, a good week. I even learned a bunch of stuff:

  • Many countries and even cities are jumping on the curated Twitter account bandwagon, which is kind of cool – I enjoyed talking with people all over the world much more than I thought I would.
  • I can totally behave myself if I try really hard.
  • Not everyone wants me to try really hard
  • .. except for that one guy, who was promptly shut down by the rest of the internet.
  • Some people are worried what America thinks of Canada
  • Along the same thick throbbing vein, suggesting that public nudity would be great really offends some people who then command you to be PG-13 because “you’re representing my country”
  • .. lol!
  • I enjoy showing off Vancouver
  • Juggling multiple Twitter accounts is hard

A+++, would tweet again. You should totally apply to be Canada – it is good times, you will get a lot of new followers with interesting things to say, and maybe someone will try to pick a fight with you which is always fun.

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