i’ve wasted my life

I do not have any Photoshop skills I can speak of, but I’ve always been able to make minor changes to an image to remove pieces I don’t like (watermarks*, logos, inelegantly cropped leftovers). This skill comes in handy at work, where I often need to insert screenshots into my documentation. Often, the screenshots will come from another document and therefore is covered in notations made by another department – notations that do nothing but get in my way and make me swear not so much because they are annoying but because I really like to swear. I grab my screenshot, open it in whatever under-powered image editing software I’ve gotten my hands on, and manipulate all the bad pixels away. It’s not perfect, but it’s more than good enough for a document that no one will read. I get to be a wizard, the beauty of my documentation is maintained, and aren’t I just so clever!

.. it turns out that none of the minor but painstaking changes I’ve made over the last ten months were necessary. The notations I had gotten rid of weren’t actually part of the image, they were in the document – all I had to do was click on the picture and copy it to get a clear image with no stupid blue boxes.

Well, fuck.

Looks like my mom was wrong – hard work DID hurt me. What else has she lied about?! If I find out that praying to my dad isn’t going to get me all the things I deserve!

*: I know removing watermarks is bad, and I don’t do it from commercial or protected images. Just sayin’. Don’t hate.

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